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Navigating Business Debt Hibernation
Businesses are struggling right now. Covid-19 has had a huge detrimental impact. Many businesses have been dealing with new challenges that are unique to this situation. The New Zealand Government introduced a formal business debt [...]
Collecting Debts post Covid-19
Right now, debtors are holding their cash tight. Creditors are not being paid in the same way they were. There are only two reasons debtors don’t pay. Either they can’t pay, or they won’t pay. Here, we address how to ascertain [...]
How to Resolve IRD Debt Issues
The IRD is often treated as the lender of last resort. Money that is supposed to be paid to the IRD is used to juggle other obligations. Times are tough. Many businesses owe money to the IRD. We are helping many clients right now [...]
Positioning Terms of Trade to Collect Debts
We work with business owners in collecting debts owing to them. But often, the collection process can be slowed down by inadequate terms of trade. Post Covid-19, there are KEY terms that you must have in your terms of trade to [...]
Alternatives to Liquidation and Full Payment
When a company cannot pay its debts, often people believe there are only two broad options, pay or liquidate. This is not true. There are some great options in the middle. In this video, Brent Norling discusses ways to compromise [...]
Andy and Brent on Business Survival
Andy Carruthers from Findex joins Brent Norling from Norling Law to discuss survival techniques for businesses so they can thrive in the future. They cover cashflow, commercial leases, employee cost reduction, IRD arrangements, and [...]
The Regulation of Insolvency Practitioners
Regulation is coming for insolvency practitioners. Many of the changes will be applicable in June 2020. Given the impact of Covid-19 the regulation of insolvency practitioners may have come at a good time. Unfortunately, the [...]
Shareholder Appointed Liquidators
In this video Brent Norling of Norling Law and Damien Grant of Waterstone Insolvency discuss the issues that can arise from a shareholder appointed liquidator. There is the common perception that a shareholder appointed liquidator [...]
How to Protect Your Business in Times of Crisis
Today Brent Norling from Norling Law and Damien Grant from Waterstone Insolvency join Glenn Marvin from Konnector on his daily web-series. In this video, we discuss prevention techniques to avoid getting into trouble in the wake of [...]
Outstanding Debts During Covid 19
In this video Brent Norling and Jamie McKenzie discuss how to deal with recovering outstanding debts in the era of Covid-19. During these times, money is a concern. It is crucial to get paid during these times, but we need to be [...]
Commercial Leases During Covid 19
In this video Brent Norling and Jamie McKenzie discuss how to deal with your commercial lease at this time. There is uncertainty as to whether lease payments can be suspended or reduced during this time. In this video, we look at [...]
Reduction of Employee Costs During Covid 19
In this video Brent Norling and Jamie McKenzie discuss how to reduce employee costs if necessary during this turbulent time. During this time business owners need to be upfront and honest with their employees. Communication is key. [...]
How to Stop Paying Your Commercial Lease
Are you a business owner with a commercial lease? Are you concerned that you are paying for your lease whilst unable to occupy it? Here, Brent Norling of Norling Law discusses a way to CEASE rent payments with a business owner with [...]
Steps to Avoid Voidable Transactions
Considering voidable transactions in the era of Covid-19 may be important for some businesses. At this time we are receiving many questions but this one needs to be shared. Here we address some proactive considerations for business [...]
Covid 19 and the Obligations and Options for Business Owners
Times are uncertain for business. Moving forward, it is important that business owners have a clear sense of their obligations. It is also important that business owners have a clear sense of their options and there are always [...]
Business Owners and $12.1b Covid 19 Rescue Package
Here Brent Norling and Damien Grant discuss the four things that will impact business arising out of the Covid-19 relief package. This is an uncertain time. The reality is in this time, some businesses will have massive [...]
Clerking at Norling Law
The difference between studying law and law in practice can be quite a contrast. Especially with what is taught in lectures in comparison to some of the real-life cases we deal with on a day to day basis. There can be a steep [...]
Morality vs Ethics in a Corporate Restructure
The morals vs ethics of a corporate restructure is a controversial topic. Here, we discuss two converse views on a corporate restructure. Just because something may be morally wrong (on one view), doesn’t make it unethical on [...]
How to Get Paid from a Debtor Company
It can be very frustrating when you provide goods or services and the debtor company doesn’t pay. Perhaps they can’t pay. Perhaps they won’t pay. But you have provided the goods and services and the debt is due and there is no [...]
Two Ways to Recover your Legal Fees
How frustrating is it when you win a case but then your legal fees are deducted from the pot of gold leaving you with a pyrrhic victory!? We see this time and time again where wins are actually losses. What if we told you that [...]
Advantages of Mediation vs Litigation
Mediation is a great way to resolve commercial disputes. There are some huge advantages to mediation. Here we discuss some of the significant advantages of mediation, how mediation typically unfolds and why some mediations go past [...]
The Burning and then Rise of Phoenix Companies
Here, Brent Norling, Director of Norling Law and Damien Grant, Director of Waterstone Insolvency discuss all things Phoenix Companies. Old companies are often burned and new companies often rise from the ashes with renewed youth [...]
Top-Tip for Business Owners Who want to Improve
Here is a #TopTip for business owners who want to improve their business. It is something that I have been doing for a while. It is important to do and to do regularly to keep the business moving forward. What is your top business tip?
Public Service Announcement to Debtors
So, I am in an absolute island paradise and I am reflecting on a common story I hear back home from our clients. This is a message to debtors. Debtors, if you do this, you are going to motivate your creditors to sue you. You are [...]
Expelling a Liquidator: The Two Opportunities
There are many reasons why you may want a liquidator to be removed. For example, if you are a creditor: You want an aggressive liquidator. They will look at the affairs of the company. They will investigate overdrawn current [...]
Obligations to Liquidators
Unfortunately, companies fail routinely. But what are the obligations of the individuals with knowledge of the affairs of the Company, or who have information of the company? Do lawyers who acted for the company need to hand over [...]
An Alternative Way to Resolve a Shareholder Dispute
Shareholder disputes can be toxic. It can result in: Creditors not being paid; Staff not being paid; Directors taking remuneration they are not entitled to; Transactions occurring without consent; Loss of key suppliers or [...]
Voidable Transactions: Lawyer and a Liquidator Perspective (Intro Video)
Damien Grant of Waterstone Insolvency and Brent Norling of Norling Law sat down to discuss a very controversial area of insolvency law, voidable transactions. It seems very unjust when a liquidator requires you to repay money you [...]
Voidable Transactions: Lawyer and a Liquidator Perspective
Damien Grant of Waterstone Insolvency and Brent Norling of Norling Law sat down to discuss a very controversial area of insolvency law, voidable transactions. It seems very unjust when a liquidator requires you to repay money you [...]
The Most Important Document In Litigation
We often see people taking a pro forma approach to drafting the most important document in litigation. The document that is the roadmap for the entire proceeding. The document that dictates what other steps are necessary in the [...]

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