Brooke Keepa

Office/Relationship Manager


Email Address:
Mobile Number: 021 744 265
DDI: (09) 973 0543

Brooke is the Office/Relationship Manager at Norling Law. She is responsible for developing, managing, and maintaining excellent relationships with both clients, external suppliers, and future A team members.

Brooke’s ability to facilitate positive, professional open communications helps to ensures constant growth for the firm and team.

She also manages the administration team at Norling Law and has worked in administration and office management for over 13 years. She has extensive experience in office/accounts management.

Before joining Norling Law Brooke supported the CEO and senior managers at a Global organisation. She worked alongside the Head of Operations whilst providing general office administration to the wider team.

Prior to that role, Brooke was at a highly litigious insolvency practice where she assisted the team as litigation support and asset seizure and sale.

Brooke is very focused on ensuring smooth operations and maintaining client and external relationships to a high standard. Brooke is proficient and tasked with the smooth management of office operations and procedures.

Brooke is a qualified trust account administrator and in addition to her keen eye for detail in her role as managing administration, she assists in litigation support and managing client correspondence.