Lawyer to Lawyer

Lawyer to Lawyer Rationale

We understand that us lawyers have pockets of knowledge and it is unsafe to practice outside of this core expertise.

We understand that legal practice is horses for courses and that it is completely appropriate for lawyers to refer clients to a more qualified lawyer in the field in question.

We practice what we preach and we only do what we are good at and nothing more.

Norling Law’s Offer to Lawyers

We offer specialist legal services to other lawyers and New Zealand law firms. In most cases, the firms we assist are ‘General Practices’ where the firms are a one-stop shop for their clients’ needs.

We believe that good lawyers are able to recognise when a matter is outside of their area of expertise and are comfortable to introduce their client to an expert that can assist the client to resolve the matter. We are experts in litigation and dispute resolution and have core skills in Insolvency and Restructuring.

That is usually where we assist New Zealand or international law firms.

We can be flexible in the arrangement. We can have direct client contact or if preferred we can consult the firm and assist in the management of the matter in the background. We respect the solicitor/client relationship that is held by each firm and will not seek to interfere with that. We are there to help you, help your clients.

Most commonly we provide services to other lawyers or their clients to ensure that the client has access to the expertise that their matter demands while allowing the firm to retain the client relationship and provide services in the areas to which they practice.

We can also be available to assist at times when the clients’ demand exceeds the law firm’s supply of lawyers.

We are also able to integrate with the systems that you already use to ensure the smooth management of the matter.

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