Alice Alipour

Jeanne Cordeiro

Solicitor (South Africa)



Email Address:

DDI: 09 217 8862

Mobile Number: 021 244 6907

Jeanne is qualified as a lawyer in South Africa, where she gained experience in civil and commercial litigation and worked on a number of high profile criminal matters prior to moving to New Zealand. She has also worked in the commercial property department of an Auckland-based firm.
Jeanne obtained her Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, in 2019. Holding a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Archaeology, and en route to completing a Master of Science in Archaeology in 2024, Jeanne is also a qualified archaeologist. Her archaeology training equips her with a strong analytical perspective toward legal matters. 
Jeanne has a keen interest for contract review and commercial dispute resolution. She believes in a client-centric approach and looks forward to supporting clients throughout their legal matters.