Insolvency and Restructuring Lawyers Auckland

Insolvency and Restructuring

Our Team are expert insolvency and restructuring lawyers with extensive experience in the industry in New Zealand.

Our Team has extensive knowledge of various forms of corporate and personal insolvency in New Zealand. Our team can also assist with cross-border insolvency issues.

Our experts are based on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand. Because of our innovative approach, our experts serve clients throughout New Zealand and internationally.

We can assist with various forms of insolvency, including:

We provide strategic and practical advice to liquidators, receivers, voluntary administrators.

We also advise those involved with all forms of insolvencies, whether you are a director, shareholder or creditor. Additionally, we are able to assist in regard to personal insolvency issues, including bankruptcy and alternatives.

We also routinely assist clients who are having issues with the IRD and that are overdue in tax obligations.

We are able to give strategically sound advice in regard to options in an insolvency situation and advice on potential restructuring options.

We are able to provide negotiation services and assist with compromises and schemes of arrangements with creditors.

We routinely provide advice and representation to insolvency practitioners, secured and unsecured creditors in regard to issues that arise.

We are also able to assist with any claims in regard to Voidable Transactions, transactions at undervalue, breaches of director duties and a raft of other potential issues that arise.

There are also many alternatives to both corporate and personal. We are able to assist you to navigate those alternatives and determine which is the right path to take.

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