Commercial Contract Issues

Advice and Representation on Contractual Disputes

Norling Law are specialist in litigation practice that routinely resolves commercial contractual disputes. We provide advice and representation on commercial contractual disputes and contract interpretation. These are the core business of a commercial litigation practice and this work extends into most of the specialist areas listed.

Contracts form the foundation of almost all business dealings. Many of our litigation cases are determined by the rights and obligations of respective parties to contracts.

Often, contracts are not distilled into one document. Rather, an accurate interpretation of contracts can include an analysis of the wider discussions and communications that occurred at the time of the contract. Frequently, contracts are inadequate and ambiguous. We then deploy proven interpretation techniques such as reading the document while considering the doctrine of contra proferentem (Latin for when the agreement is ambiguous, you may interpret the contract against the person who drafted it).

Additionally, our Litigation Lawyers frequently advise and represent clients in resolving commercial contractual disputes. This includes resolving issues of contract interpretation, misrepresentation, breach of contract, cancelling contracts and damages.

Accordingly, contract disputes can be resolved often by robust negotiation. However, on some occasions, the use of the Court system is required. We have a deep understanding of the legislative framework that governs contract interpretation and resolution of issues (such as misrepresentation, cancellation and damages). We regularly assist our clients to navigate this framework effectively.

Resolve Contractual Disputes

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