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Great to work with and professional
Wendy gave our company excellent clear advice on handling a dispute we were involved in. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Wendy and Norling Law for any judicial matters we may be involved in, in the future.
Highly recommend Norling Law and specifically Wendy Alexander and Lucia Krajancic. I had an IRD dispute that dragged on for nearly 3+ years with my accounting firm and Norling Law managed a quick & speedy resolution in less than 2 months. THANK YOU!
Brent and the team are weapons. Clear communication and gameplans. Glad to have them on my team as I wouldn't want to be on the otherside of the table from them.
Highly recommend Norling Law and Fintan. They know their stuff, instill trust and manage the unknown by patiently working with you every step of the way.
I had the pleasure of working with Lucia Krajancic, a Solicitor at Norling Law, and I can confidently say that she provided exceptional service. Lucia was not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, but also very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process.Lucia took the time to listen to my concerns and answered all of my questions with patience and clarity. She went above and beyond to ensure that I fully understood my legal situation and provided me with valuable guidance and advice.Overall, I highly recommend Lucia and Norling Law for their excellent legal services.
In my recent dealings with Norling Law I was fortunate to be represented by Lucia and Wendy. Their friendly and professional manner made me feel comfortable in what could sometimes be a stressful situation. Their response to my correspondence was always timely and the advice was extremely helpful. I believe that they helped to achieve the best result without causing me exta stress and financial uncertainty.
Thanks to Fintan for helping us sort out a debt owing to us. Their service is professional, efficient and effective.
Lucia was very understanding of my situation and offered an easy to understand in depth advise. A big help in my time of need. Thank you so much Lucia
Caring and professional service.
We recently completed some Electrical works for Norling Law, the team where very organized and helpful with any questions we had while completing the task at hand, they where very prompt with organizing for us to come in and get everything sorted,As a fellow business owner this shows me that their team know what they want and will achieve it to a high standard not only to get the outcome they wish to achieve but also the outcome that their clients require,We will not hesitate to use Norling Law for any future legal requirements should they arise.MartinEverything Electrical Ltd
Wendy is such a great mediator and advocate of her clients! Not your typical perception of lawyers!! they really care !!
Norling Law really know their stuff, thank you in particular to Wendy for her help with our business.
Absolutely oustanding understanding of the issue and fantastic honest advice. Brent, You guys rock. Got to be the best team in New Zealand. Why would you go elsewhere. Norling Law Rules.
The 30 min free consultation was excellent. Thanks for the help much appreciated.
Norling Law was recommended to us when we had a construction dispute. Our contract required mediation, and we approached Norling Law to advise us. This protracted dispute was taken to arbitration and was resolved with a successful determination with every point completely in our favour.We were very impressed with the service we received from Norling Law. In particular:- their communication, especially our lawyer's ability to describe complex legal concepts in layman's terms.- the quality of the research on important legal questions.- the responsiveness of their advice, even during the long Covid lockdownGiven our experience, I would recommend Norling Law to anyone wanting advice on dispute resolution.
I had a free half an hour consultation time with Wendy. However, we had talked for nearly an hour. Wendy's very professional, patient and has given me very helpful suggestion/advice for free. I had talked other law companies before them, Norling is the best , they know my concerns. I'm very happy to use their service.
I cannot recommend Norling Law highly enough, the consultation and advice we received was invaluable. They made us feel like they wanted to help us and the advice they gave most definitely did and the wonderful thing was that they provided it for free.
Helped me sort out a partnership settlement, We agreed on a price before engagement and they held to it. Very happy with the services and the way they handled the amendments.
Grateful for their free consultation to help us understand our position regarding landslide on our property.
I found Tyler to be honest and straight forward. I would not hesitate to recommend Norling Law.
We had all but given up getting back our debt owed to us by a builder.We had a court orders for him to pay back the debt but no guarantees we would be paid back.We tried all the usual, calling for payment, debt collecting agencies and really we had all but given up hope until we came across Norling Law.Jeez I wish we found them earlier. Norlings Law no-nonsense approach of client first and get the money back ASAP meant that after 18 months of tryint, in a week of working with them, they were successful.If you are in the same boat as us, do yourself a favour and go with this capable team.
We wish to thank Brent Norling of Norling Law for the exceptionalperformance of his team,in particular ,his senior solicitor Wendy Alexander for achieving a fantastic result in a very difficult High Court action.
Thanks Brenda for your helpful intelligent and creative work with my problemI thoroughly recommend you and your team
I'm absolutely delighted with the service, communication and empathy for my situation from start to end with Norling Law.From the initial free half hour consult with mediator/senior solicitor Wendy Alexander through to paying the bill, the advice has been professional, honest and most importantly - I received from them, the review on the task I had set, in a timely manner.The resulting recommendations of how to move forward in my situation have made me feel that I've been so incredibly lucky to have seen their advert on my social media (who usually says that of adverts!) after having not pleasant experiences with 4 other Law firms.I feel much weight has been taken off my shoulders for this of the action I'm having to go through.Norling Law will be my go to Solicitor's from here on in.Thank you, especially Wendy.Sarndra.
Truly great team @ Norling Law and they get the results you are after.Highly recommended!
Brent and the team at Norling Law were very helpful providing expert litigation advice on a commercial dispute we had to negotiate. The team were personable, responsive and delivered a solution that was practical and equitable to both parties.
I have recently employed the services of Norling Law Limited and have found them to be very prudent in their dealings. I recently started a business and need contracts to be reviewed which they have done in a timely manner and found that Alice was really easy to deal with understood my needs.
The best law firm I have ever come across. They helped me with a contract dispute this week and I could not have got the outcome I got without their help. Brent, Alice and the rest of the team are awesome to work with. Highly recommended.
Excellent advice. Lateral thinking.
I knew I couldn't carry on with the franchise I was under. I was financially crippled, emotionally and mentally drained.I tried approaching the franchise but was met with indifference.I was told Brent Norling is the best at franchise disputes and I believe it.I now have my business back as well as my well being.Every step of the way Brent's team made sure my interests were looked after. I never had any concerns or worries. A big thanks to Luisa and XinanI recommend Brent Norling for results and peace of mind.
Brent and the A team do a fabulous job resolving disputes.
Great result with Norling Law. Brent and Anna were very helpful & professional from day one. They offered a sound strategy which was then flawlessly executed.
Great team to work with would engage again.
I spoke to Brent this evening, and he was extremely helpful, and helped me pursue a course of action that meant I didn't have to pay him anything. That kind of tact is rare in the legal community. Thanks again.


The free legal consultation is not intended to be legal advice nor substitute it. It will not be possible to provide legal advice in full in this limited time. Rather, all advice given is given on an ‘all care, no responsibility’ basis which is all that can occur in a free 30-minute consultation. In the event that you formally engage us, you may seek formal legal advice at that stage. No liability is assumed by us for losses suffered by any person or organisation relying directly or indirectly on information discussed at the consult.