Our Services: What We Do

Our prime concern is to obtain favourable results for our clients. While we provide a number of specialist services, ultimately we resolve complex commercial disputes.

Norling Law is a specialist Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice that has been (together with Brent Norling) recognised in New Zealand Law Awards for the quality and expertise of our service since 2014 – 2019. 

In 2019, Norling Law was a winner of Innovative Firm of the year. 

We assist clients in obtaining litigation funding in situations where they have a claim that has sufficient merit and good prospects of recovery. Through the use of litigation funding, we are able to ensure that our clients have access to justice. 

We are experts in what we do. We do what we do well, and nothing else. We are firm believers that lawyers have pockets of knowledge and that they should practice within those areas.

If we are not the right lawyer, we will communicate that early and make an introduction to the right person who is an expert and can add maximum value. 

We are passionate about the areas of law to which we practice and we are focused on delivering exceptional results. 

We are based on the North Shore, Auckland and our clients are across New Zealand and abroad. 

Our areas of practice are below.