We’re Norling Law, a premier botique law firm where innovation meets industry excellence. Nestled in Auckland’s North Shore, our boutique firm stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. With a focus on high-stakes Litigation and Dispute Resolution, we pride ourselves on providing a unique career experience driven by quality mentorship and a culture of diversity and growth. Discover how Norling Law could be the next chapter in your legal career.

We appreciate that the industry is small. As such, all enquiries will be treated with strict confidence. We are always willing to discuss potential roles with great people.

If you believe you would be a good fit in Norling Law and want an informal discussion about any opportunities, contact, and we can organise an call or coffee with one of our leadership team to see if we are a fit for you as much as if you are a fit for us.

We appreciate that the industry is small. As such, all enquiries will be treated in strict confidence.

To cater for future growth - We are currently looking for…

Litigation Lawyers:
Snr Solicitor 4+yrs PQE
Associate & Snr Associate (Multiple Roles)

We are happy to invest time today to discuss the challenges you face today and how to turn them into opportunities for tomorrow (no matter where you work).

If you are an experienced litigation lawyer and want to have a confidential chat or coffee with a member of our leadership team, contact 

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Our Values

Dedicated To Excellence

  • We always strive to be outstanding in everything we do;

  • We have high expectations of ourselves and for our clients;

  • High quality of work and attention to detail;

  • Personal integrity and commitment to self-improvement;

  • Be proactive and consistent;

  • Hold each other accountable for values and standards;

  • Pause and reflect on learning opportunities.

Results Focussed

  • Understand and meet client objectives;

  • Think beyond the box;

  • Apply pragmatic strategy;

  • Deliver results.

Outstanding Communicators

  • Be proactive – don’t wait to be asked;

  • Be empathetic and respectful;

  • Know your audience;

  • Keep people informed;

  • Do what you say you will do.

We Get It Done

  • Make it happen – On time, on budget and on scope;

  • Go the extra mile;

  • Be positive and hardworking;

  • Be driven and self-motivated;

  • Move things forward – outcomes are essential.

Deliver Innovation

  • Proactively look for better ways to do things;

  • Embrace innovation;

  • Develop fast and more efficient methods;

  • Have an early adopter mindset;

  • Adapt to change;

  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Celebrate The Wins

  • We are the A-Team – stronger united;

  • We are deeply passionate about what we do

    and celebrate our successes together;

  • We invest in each other because we win or lose as a team;

  • Build trust and a deeper team bond;

  • Share a memorable experience.

Our Team

At Norling Law, our team embodies diversity. Our members bring forth a breadth of knowledge and skill, supported by a multitude of languages spoken and diverse cultural backgrounds. We celebrate this diversity as it enriches our approach to serving our clients’ needs. We are proud to say that we support gender equality.

We prioritise the professional growth and well-being of our team members, offering a nurturing environment and various career development opportunities. This commitment has been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the Employer of Choice of the Year (2020) and the Innovative Firm of the Year (2019 – 2021) awards bestowed upon us by NZ Lawyer.

Brent Norling, our guiding force, brings invaluable mentorship to our team. Widely respected in the legal sphere, Brent shares his knowledge through publications with Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis. His frequent presence in New Zealand’s courts, including the esteemed High Court and Court of Appeal, reflects his deep commitment to the legal craft.

Your Growth

At Norling Law, we believe that fostering growth and providing opportunities is at the heart of a thriving workplace. We’re committed to recognising and rewarding dedication, innovation, and excellence within our team. Our culture prioritises a healthy work-life balance, encouraging productivity and creativity in a high performance team culture..

We value each team member’s contributions and actively invest in their professional development. From mentorship programs to ongoing learning opportunities, we’re dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a culture where every individual can flourish.

We're seeking exceptional individuals passionate about shaping the future of our company

As the legal landscape in New Zealand undergoes constant change, the demand for specialised expertise in handling insolvency and disputes is on the rise. If you’re passionate about assisting businesses and individuals in navigating these intricate legal terrains, we’d love to hear from you.