Debt Recovery and Security Enforcement

Our Debt Collection Approach

Over the years, Norling Law has proven to be one of the most effective debt collection lawyers in Auckland, New Zealand.

We understand how debtors work. We understand that debtors don’t pay for only one of two reasons. They can’t or they won’t. We quickly identify which category they fit into and tailor our approach appropriately.

Where necessary, we employ an aggressive approach to the collection of debt to ensure our clients are paid first. We also have a depth of knowledge in litigation strategies and processes to ensure that your matter navigates the Court process quickly and efficiently.

Debt Recovery Strategies

A consistent and reliable flow of cash is a fundamental foundation for an operating business. However, from time to time, customers will not pay on time for a variety of reasons that are usually outside the control of creditors. We recognise this and are focused on helping creditors to recover outstanding debts and enforce security options as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

There are varied debt collection strategies. One size does not always fit all. Often there are alternative ways to obtain payment and these alternatives come with varying costs and consequences. We are committed to working with creditors to understand goals (which can be wider than simply debt collection. For example, also maintaining important commercial relationships). We will also assist creditors in being pro-active about the situation so either there is no ‘next time’ or if there is, the creditor is better equipped to handle it.

The best way to collect accounts receivable is to ensure that the debts are not outstanding for long. While that may sound oversimplified, the best way to ensure that debtors pay is to have robust agreed terms of trade/engagement. For example, the best terms and conditions will include:

  • The ability to recover debt collection and/or solicitor costs if incurred to collect an outstanding debt.
  • Interest on any outstanding debt.
  • A security in assets or property supplied (if applicable).
  • A personal guarantee from the director of the debtor (if achievable).

We are focused on obtaining results and the best results we achieve is for clients who have terms that include the above. This is because often we can recover the debt and add our costs on top of the debt.

We also offer Fixed Cost Debt Recovery services for many of our clients. Please contact Brent to discuss.

Debt Collection: What We Do:

We are able to assist with:

  • Providing pragmatic strategic advice from the outset.
  • Writing the letters of demand.
  • Drafting and filing court proceedings.
  • Determining the best strategic option for enforcing security.
  • Enforcement of guarantees.

Enforcement Options after Debt Collection Litigation

We also assist creditors to obtain and enforce Court judgments against debtors. For Example:

Please refer to our People for more information on who we are, our experience and how we can help you.

Debt Buying Options

If you do not wish to invest in the possible recovery of debts, we also work with 90 Nine, a debt-buying company that may purchase your debt and incur all of the cost and risk associated with instructing us to collect the debt.

For more information about 90 Nine head to

No Obligation Debt Recovery Legal Consultation

If we can assist you please Contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

We offer a no obligation legal consultation where we can discuss:

  • The nature of the debts or security;

  • The ideal outcome;

  • Potential strategies to collect debts or enforce security

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