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Other contracts

In a previous article, we discussed the salient terms in the widely used NZS 3910 contract. However, that contract is more...

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Implied warranties

In addition to the express terms of a construction contract, there are various warranties that are implied under statutes....

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Practical Completion

Practical completion is a term that is commonly misunderstood by many. Generally, practical completion is achieved when all...

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Time for completion

Any undertaking to perform construction work must come with a time for such work to be completed. This obligation could be...

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Unapproved variations

What is a contractor’s entitlement to payment for variations if there is a dispute as to whether consent for particular...

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The building contract

The building contract

The starting point of any construction project is the building contract. In some situations, no special formalities are...

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A contractor is not required to complete extra work and cannot expect payment for completing extra work that has not been...

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Quotes vs Estimates 

Quotes vs Estimates  It is common practice in the construction industry for clients to ask a contractor to provide a quote...

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