***Slightly embarrassing story to follow***

So, I was driving on the motorway last week and my car lost power on a hill… It completely lost power. I had to promptly turn on my hazard lights and veer left to get out of the way of traffic.

I ran out of petrol!

Embarrassing, I know.

I would love to say this is the first time it has happened. But it’s not! Although, the last time this occurred, I was a student and had a more credible reason.

My car has two petrol lights. Low. And VERY LOW.

Sometimes I get busy being ‘busy’. And I wait to the last minute to do some ‘things’.

On this occasion I was so busy I just figured I would fill it when prompted I was VERY LOW.

BUT, the hill prior to the Oteha Valley Road exit had other ideas…

I didn’t get my VERY LOW prompt. The angle of the car must have caused the normal process to be skipped.

It was the hills fault. Naturally… I should have got my warning…

As I sat on the side of the road, waiting for breakdown service to arrive, I reflected on my life choices of procrastinating filling my car with the 98 Octane it requires to get me where I need to go.

It wasn’t the hills fault. It was mine.

Sometimes I get so busy fixing other people’s problems, I neglect my own needs. Or the needs of my car! That reminds me, my car is also well overdue for a service!

Reflection is important. Like everyone, I’ve made many mistakes. It is important to learn from mistakes.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!

Business is no different.

The fuel that drives businesses forward isn’t 98 Octane. It is cash!

Cash is king! Cash pays the rent, the mortgage, the staff, the lifestyle (the wife!).

It is important that businesses ensure they have sufficient fuel in their business to continue moving forward.

This time of the year is crucial. This time of the year can be very busy for business. It can also be a period of significant expense.

We help business owners get the fuel their business needs to move forward.

We help collect those debts.

We help restructure the business if the vehicle is not performing as it should.

We work with business owners to improve their business and lifestyle.

The value we provide will significantly outweigh the cost.

Let’s talk before the Christmas break to ensure you don’t breakdown on the side of the road and need to reflect and learn as I did!

I offer a no obligation (free) 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs. It’s easy to book a time with me via our website by clicking “Book a Consultation” above.