Fixed Cost Debt Recovery

Do you need a consistent and reliable flow of cash? Cash is a fundamental foundation for any operating business.

The cost of collection can sometimes be inconsistent and often there are surprises with the “traditional” legal services model. We recognize what is important to businesses and will look at the fixed cost to collect debts (including pursuing legal channels of collection).

We are also able to apply larger discounts for a volume of files (the more debts we can pursue, the lower the cost per debtor).

We provide a focused approach in helping to recover outstanding debts and enforce your security as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We provide education to debtors regarding possible consequences of remaining in default. This is a central element to our collection strategy.

There are varied fixed cost debt collection strategies. One size does not always fit all. Often there are alternative ways to enforce payment and these alternatives come with varying costs and consequences. We are committed to working with you to understand what you want to achieve. For example, in some cases maintaining the client relationship is important whilst still collecting the debt. In other cases, a more aggressive approach can be implemented. We will also assist you in being pro-active about the situation in the future so that when it does arise, you’re better equipped to handle it.

We are focused on obtaining the result that you seek and are able to assist you with strategising to obtain that result.

We are able to assist with:

  • Providing pragmatic strategic advice from the outset.

  • Writing the letters of demand.

  • Drafting and filing court proceedings.

  • Enforcement of judgment.

  • Determining the best strategic option for enforcing security.

  • Issuing statutory demands.

  • Liquidating companies.

  • Issuing bankruptcy notices.

  • Bankrupting individuals.

  • Enforcement of guarantees.

  • Utilising security agreements to obtain desired results.

Call or email Brent to discuss the debts owing and to discuss options and costs that are available. The discussion is on a no obligation basis.

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