The IRD is often treated as the lender of last resort. Money that is supposed to be paid to the IRD is used to juggle other obligations.

Times are tough. Many businesses owe money to the IRD. We are helping many clients right now which have large debts to the IRD. Although intentions may be good, the plan to pay the IRD may have been disrupted by recent events.

Hope is not a strategy. Relying on the government or someone else to intervene is not a strategy either. It is time for a definitive strategy

Here we address, where to start.

The IRD’s aim is to maximize their recovery, it is likely they will be willing to negotiate to facilitate this.

In this video, Brent Norling runs through the steps on how to deal with this very common issue. If you need further help with your plan moving forwards, we offer a FREE 30-minute legal consultation. You can book here:

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