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RITANZ (formerly INSOL NZ)
The New Zealand Law Society

Alden is a seasoned commercial advocate with a focus on insolvency, debt recovery and construction litigation. He has appeared before the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Australia.

As an insolvency specialist, Alden has assisted and advised liquidators in respect of a wide range of issues pertaining to insolvency law including claims for:

  • Breaches of directors duties;

  • Transactions at undervalue;

  • Voidable transactions;

  • Overdrawn current accounts;

  • Enforcement of obligations to provide documents or attend liquidator interviews;

  • Priorities of creditors;

  • Confirming the validity of liquidator appointment;

  • Vesting of property; and

  • Miscellaneous debt recovery proceedings including the issuance and setting aside of statutory demands.

As a construction litigator, Alden has advised builders and homeowners in respect of their contractual obligations, duties in tort, the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Building Act.

Alden has also acted as counsel in complex construction litigation in respect of claims for defective workmanship, delays, overcharging and negligence across all forums including adjudication, arbitration and the Courts.

Alden has been admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 2011 and the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2016.

Alden also writes regular articles. You can view these at our Publications.

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Court of Appeal

Monocrane NZ Limited (in Liq) v Grant [2016] NZCA 139Estoppel against claim for an overdrawn current account where Relationship Property Agreement exists.View

High Court

Dalton v Hong (No.3) [2019] NZHC 2321Review of documents from a lawyer who alleged that documents ordered to be provided were privileged and not materialView
Dalton v Hong (No.2) [2019] NZHC 1473Review of documents from a lawyer who alleged that documents ordered to be provided were privileged and not material.View
Dalton v Hong [2018] NZHC 2266Successful application for books, records and documents from a lawyer who alleged that the documents were privileged and not material.View
Imre Builders Ltd v Vinton & Ors [2018] NZHC 1626Successful opposition to application for security for costs against a construction company in a building dispute.View
Johnstone v Johnstone [2018] NZHC 1541Successful application for summary judgment to enforce amounts owing under a relationship property agreement for $1.1 million against allegations of mistake, an implied term for variation and an application to stay the proceeding pending an application to set aside the relationship property agreement.View
Lot 8 Investment Ltd v R.P.S Construction Ltd [2017] NZHC 1400Testing the strict regime of the Construction Contracts Act 2002.View
Johnson & Anor v Armstrong & Ors [2017] NZHC 949Successful application for summary judgment as a defendant for a large trade association against claims for misrepresentation and negligent misstatement.View
Grant v Grewal & Ors [2016] NZHC 1564Successful application for contempt of Court.View
CHK Hospitality Ltd (in Liq) & Ors v Grewal & Anor [2016] NZHC 1143Successful application to strike out statement of defence.View
Grant v ML Trustees 2711 Ltd [2015] NZHC 1503Successful ratification of liquidator’s appointment and ratification of actions of decisions by co-trustee.View
Grant v BB2 Holdings Ltd [2014] NZHC 2504Testing voidable transaction regime in regard to payments made to secured creditor.View
Grant v Pandey & Ors [2014] NZHC 623Successfully obtaining orders requiring parties to provide the liquidator with books, records and documents of companyView
Grant v Pandey & Ors [2014] NZHC 559Successful in obtaining increased costs and costs for in-house counsel.View
Grant v Westcon Group NZ Ltd [2013] NZHC 3419Voidable transaction. Unsuccessful in setting aside transaction but successful in obtaining an authority to support the proposition that secured creditors can be liable to a liquidator under the voidable transaction regime.View
Grant v Pandey & Ors [2013] NZHC 3330Successful in obtaining orders requiring parties to attend an interview under oath by the liquidator.View
Grant v Pandey & Ors [2013] NZHC 3323Successful in upholding a decision of Associate Judge on review and obtaining increased costs.View
Grant v Pandey & Ors [2013] NZHC 2844Successful opposition to a parties protest to jurisdiction.View

District Court

BY Construction Ltd (in Liq) v Mehter CIV 2011-004-2228Successful claim for amounts owing under a construction contract.View


V v IBLPartially successful defence against claims for defective and unauthorised variations in respect of a construction contract.
BRSL v MSuccessful claim for amounts owing under a construction contract and successful defence against defective works.
ACL v CSuccessful claim for amounts owing under a construction contract and successful application of the prevention principle for extension of time to complete building works.
A v WLSuccessful claim by principal against builder in negligence and for defective workmanship in respect of a construction contract.
S v FHA(S)LSuccessful defence against alleged claims for overcharging and defective works in respect of a construction contract.


ACL v WPBHLSuccessful claim by builder against the principal for payments due under a construction contract and successful defence against counterclaim for defective works and misrepresentation.
SBL v GSuccessful argument on the interpretation of the application of margins and the interpretation of overheads in a construction contract.
SBL v G (No. 2)Successful argument for the exclusion of supervision costs as overheads and therefore chargeable as a direct cost in a construction contract.