The morals vs ethics of a corporate restructure is a controversial topic.

Here, we discuss two converse views on a corporate restructure. Just because something may be morally wrong (on one view), doesn’t make it unethical on another.

We briefly touch on why a corporate restructure may be the right choice for a shareholder and some creditors and what ‘burnt’ creditors could do if it is done incorrectly.

At Norling Law, we are on both sides of corporate restructures. Sometimes we are on the side of the creditors who want to hold the debtors’ director liable. Other times, we assist the directors of the debtor company to undertake a robust restructure of the business that allows the business to continue, whilst some creditors remain unpaid.

Whichever side you are on, we can provide insight. We offer a FREE 30-minute legal consult where we can discuss the issues. You can book here:

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